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Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum

The Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum, former German concentration camp in Oswiecim, is the place to commemorate the most terrible in the history of the World thought-out and organized death factory. While visiting this place each of us has the opportunity to rethink and explore the darkest recesses of the human soul and the actual effect of their implementation. Every person should visit this place, for this blackest page in the history of mankind never to repeat again.

220 PLN / osoba
6-7 hours

The Wieliczka Salt Mine

The only salt mine in the world preserved in such an excellent condition. See why it was entered on the first UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts over a million visitors a year.

The Wieliczka Salt Mine is the only mining site in the world functioning continuously since the Middle Ages to the present. Constructed on nine levels, the original excavations (longitudinal, traverses, chambers, lakes, as well as the small and the major shafts) stretch for 300 kilometres and reach a depth of 327 meters, they illustrate all the stages of mining technology development over time. The quotation comes from the justification for entering the Wieliczka Salt Mine on UNESCO’s First World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage, on September 8 1978 together with 12 other sites from around the world. Indeed, the history of Wieliczka, dating back to the Middle Ages, is a mirror of the development of mining technology, development of work organization and management, and the formation of industry legislation.

210 PLN / osoba
240 min.

Magical Old Town of Krakow

Royal Road leading beginning at Florian Gate through the Main Market Square, to the foot of Wawel Hill is a beautiful road, which is a must see for every tourist visiting the former Polish capital. On the Royal Road we have the opportunity to see beautiful historic churches important to the history of the city: St. Mary’s Basilica and The Church of Saints Peter and Paul, and also admire the beautiful architecture of the Main Market Square with its central point which is the Cloth Hall, now having an underground museum. The Royal Route closes the Wawel Hill with the royal castle, up to the seventeenth century being the formal seat of Polish kings, in the time of greatest splendour of our country reflected in the architecture and the richness of the castle, along with the cathedral, courtyard and chapels which are the final burial places of kings.

80 PLN / osoba
180 min.

Visiting Kazimierz

Kazimierz is a historical Jewish district of Krakow. Small streets, charming courtyards and squares of the city are full of unique Jewish architecture. Kazimierz took its name from a King Casimir the Great, who contributed to its existence. In the course of history this place became part of Krakow, now lively as a result of many cultural events, as well as a large number of restaurants and pubs. During the tour, one can hear a lot of interesting stories regarding this district, visit numerous synagogues, the Jewish cemetery and Oskar Schindler’s factory famous due to Steven Spielberg’s film.

80 PLN / osoba
180 min.